iPhone screen turning off due to proximity sensor too sensitive iOS 11.4.1/iOS12


Many iPhone X/7 and iPhone 6s plus user are facing issue after upgrade to iOS 11.4.1 and iOS 12 developer beta version that iphone proximity sensor too sensitive after the iOS upgrade. The proximity sensor in iPhone is alongside the front camera and its purpose is to turn or shut off the screen during a call when user hold the phone near to his ear.

The issue is that now iPhone screen turn off randomly while normal use likes watching video or playing games or sometimes typing a message. Reason is iphone screen goes black when covering sensor even while not on call. This seems to be a bug in proximity sensor which is active all the times. The proximity sensor on the iPhone top is very sensitive now, even with the shadow of hand is will turn off the screen. Doesn’t matter which app is being used, the screen blackout when held/handled around the top and upper edges. As soon as your fingers move near the sensors the iPhone screen blacks out.

The same issue was observed in iOS 11.3 where the proximity sensor became way too sensitive however some user claimed that iOS 11.3.1 fix the issue but in iOS 11.4 the issue reported again and proximity sensor remain active even not on call.

Fix 1: Hard reboot your iPhone
It is possible that due to some software malfunction your iPhone proximity sensor started to remain active all the time. In such cases a normal restart or hard restart will help to fix the issue.

Fix 2:  Reset your phone
 Go to ->settings>General>reset>reset all settings. This will reset all setting of iPhone. No data will be lost but you will have to re-customize your iPhone’s settings to your specifications.

Fix 3: Take iPhone to Apple store
This is this a software bug, and please take iPhone to an Apple Authorized Service Provider to replace the display if it continues as they replace the proximity sensor and all the other components near that portion during a display repair.



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