iPhone showing phantom unread text message notification when none pending


Many iPhone X/7 and iPhone 6s users are facing issue with iOS 11 and iOS 12 that Messages app icon shows one unread message on the app icon, but there are no unread messages anywhere in the app left to read. The ghost message issue is also in iPad as well.  This seems like a phantom address is lying in the iPhone as iPhone shows a number one as an unread text message and you won’t have any unread messages.

The messages app notification badge won’t go away when there are no pending SMS.  it is annoying and can let user ignore some important messages due to this issue. The iPhone user tried hard to find out the unread message but there are none and message app in showing unread badge/notifications. The issue happen to occur more frequently on iOS11/iOS12 upgrade.  
User can’t really find  out why iPhone showing phantom unread text message indicator one Message app and the message notification won't go away ios 11 as Notification badges will not clear from Messages App.

·         How to fix iPhone showing ghost unread message icon :

Fix 1 : Clear the notification and reset

First turn off the Notifications in settings. Now restart iphone by power down the iPhone, power up again, turned on Notifications, now the false indicator should go away or you should be able to see the unread message.

Fix 2 : Hard reboot iPhone
 Perform and hard reset to your iPhone by holding the power button and home button until apple logo appears and a force reboot happens. This fixed the issue fir many users.

Fix 3 :Login and logout from icloud
Try by logging out from the iCloud and restarted the iPad/iPhone. This should clear the fake unread message notification.

Fix 4: Do iOS restore
Back up the iPhone to computer using iTunes. Now use iTunes to reset and restore the iPad/iPhone. This should get away  ghost notifications from message.



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