iPhone X : No Display Zoom available even in iOS 12


Many Apple users who recently decided to purchases the Apple’s flagship iPhone X are not able to find display zoom feature. The zoomed display feature of iPhone was release with iPhone 6 and proved to be very useful feature for many iPhone users. The Zoomed view in iPhone gives you larger icons, text and buttons and also within the apps like email. Which many people find convenient in to use with.

In spite of your initial setup, you can always go back and change to the alternative Display Zoom setting->select Display & Brightness ->View option under the Display Zoom section->Preview and select your preferred setting, followed by a restart will make your iPhone view changed and zoomed.

However the feature is confirmed to be missing from iPhone X which is very disappointing to many users. Moreover in iOS 12 beta releases, Display zoom feature is not added for the iPhone X. Not having display zoom feature in the iPhone X is really strange as the iPhone 8 has this feature. Many users preferred to return iPhone X and revert to previous iPhone 7.

Read workaround for display zoom in iPhone X 



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