iPhone X Screen flicker/glitch randomly with iOS 11/ iOS 12 [Solved]


Many iPhone users are facing issue with iPhone X that the screen flickers at random. It seems as iPhone X screen flashes black and jumping around. The iPhone X screen glitching issue is very new for iPhone users and such issues are not generally reported with iPhones.  The new iPhone X comes with OLED screen and this is very weird to have such issue with such an expensive phone.

iPhone X screen start shaking randomly and can happens on any screen irrespective of app specific. Sometimes the screen flickers on the upper side and sometimes there is a line on the top (like pixel bug something)  which stays after the flickering issue. The issue happens to repeat randomly.

  • ·         Fix iPhone X screen flickering issue

Fix 1 :  Turn off few setting

Please try turning off certain features such as True Tone, haptics, and auto brightness in your iPhone x and this can possibly fix the issue . 

Fix 2: Reinstall the iOS
Do a fresh install of iOS. First take backup of your iPhone and do a fresh install of iOS. Now restore the back up. This seems to fix issue for many user.

Fix 3: Upgrade iOS

Please make sure to upgrade to latest iOS 11/ iOS 12 available. As certain software bug causing thiss might get fixed with new iOS releases.

Fix 4: Might be a hardware issue 
Since not all iPhone X model are reported with this issue, this could be hardware issue in your iPhone. Please  make an genuine bar appointment at Apple store for inspecting your phone or get a replacement.
Or contact Support.apple.com.



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