iPhone X/8/7/6s getting notifications from uninstalled apps


Many iPhone users are facing issue with iOS 11 and even with latest iOS 11.4 that the apps  like Instagram, Facebook or snapchat etc that have been uninstalled like days ago are sending request notification on iPhone.  Notifications are sent by apps to intimate users about recent activity done by them on the apps or any update to be shown to the users. However you do not expect any app to send notification to you once you have uninstalled the same.

This is very strange to see that iPhone is getting notifications from the uninstalled apps. This behaviour is not commonly reported by the all iOS 11 version but looks more frequent to happen in iOS 11.4/iOS 11.4.1. As a solution some users tried to re-install the app, login , log out, then uninstalled it and it continued again. But this does not seems to fix or stop the unwanted notification on the iPhones. Even a soft or hard reset to the iPhone does not seems to fix the issue.

·         How to stop notification from uninstalled apps in iPhone
Fix 1 : Disable all notification
Go to Settings, under Notifications, and disable all and any notifications for the offending app. Not a permanent solution as you still have to find out and solve the root of the problem

Fix 2: keep atleast on push application
You are likely to get notifications from unistalled apps when that was the last app you are using which is only one application running in your iPhone for sending push notification. All notification in the iPhone  are exchanged as push notification.  This seems to be issue but the solution is to keep at least one push enabled app on your device. Here is the explanation:

"Issues with Using the Feedback Service If you remove your app from your device or computer and then send a push notification to it, you would expect to have the device token rejected, and the invalidated device token should appear on the feedback service. However, if this was the last push-enabled app on the device or computer, it will not show up in the feedback service. This is because deleting the last app tears down the persistent connection to the push service before the notice of the deletion can be sent.
You can work around this by leaving at least one push-enabled app on the device or computer in order to keep the persistent connection up. To keep the persistent connection to the production environment up, just install any free push-enabled app from the App Store and you should then be able to delete your app and see it appear in the feedback service."



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