How to fix duplicate calendar notifications apple watch series 3


Apple watch 3 users are facing issue with calendar invitation that they are receiving duplicate notifications on their Apple watch. The issue is happening after iOS 11 and wathc OS 4.2 upgrade of iPhone and nothing like this was happening prior to that. Surprisingly the icon is a little different for each of the notifications. This is happening for  icloud and work calendars.

The Apple Watch setting to mirror the iPhone and You won’t receive two alerts on the iPhone but only on the Apple watch. This is really annoying as user will have to clear both these separately. User complain following :
-If you have one notification on the iPhone than one on the watch
-Or two on the watch and none on the iPhone (this seems to happen randomly...)

How to stop duplicate calendar invitation in Apple watch 3 :
Step 1- Turn the notifications off for the calendar on both devices
Step 2- Restart both the Apple Watch and the iPhone
Step 3- Turn the notifications back on for each device



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