How to fix #images not working in iPhone 7 in iOS 12 (2019)

After upgrade to iOS 11/ iOS 12 iPhone users have reported that #images not working and #images searches are either returning empty, or they can’t find the #images altogether and says "no images found". #images are also popular as hashtag images and on many forums they are reporting that hashtag images iphone not working after iOS11. 
Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 11/11.3 are facing issue that after the upgrade #images, gifs and images are no longer showing in iMessage. The issue is happening across all type of iPhones 6/7 and even with latest iPhone X/8. For some iPhone users the #images only work with WIFI. As you must be aware that iMessage are enabled for certain countries but the issue is still reported from those one.

Apple added #images in iOS 10 as a feature in the Messages app. It will allow iphone users to send GIFs and images to other iPhone user. There are hundreds of GIFs available using a specific keyword and user can simply add them to message and send it across. Also it is possible to save any GIF that you received. The #images GIFs are designed to work with Messages app only.

The #images not working in iphone is reported to happen after the user upgrade to iOS 11, and was working fine with iOS10. This very annoying for many users as any search for #images or GIFs to add to  iMessage is saying "no images found" even with a simple search such as good night. Hard Reset or even a factory reset to iPhone does not seems to fix the issue. And this is quite sure that some changes in iOS 11 have made #images to work in iMessages.

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Fix 1: Enable mobile data for #hastag images

Go to Settings-> cellular data and find #hashtagimages and make sure to turn it on, the settting is off for many users facing issues with imessages #images. (Settings -> Cellular -> HashtagImages -> “ON”) If you still don’t see it try changing the region to the UK and then back to the US and restart the phone and put the iPhone language to English(UK).

Fix 2: Use 3rd party App Giphy

Giphy app is basically the same thing. It's free in the app store, and you just add it to iMessage as you would add Images.

Fix 3: Change iphone region settings

Please note that #images is the country-specific feature , so please check if country is in the list or not. It could be possible that the region setting has changed during up gradation to iOS11 and causing missing #images from iPhone. If you are in the supported country then, try to change the region to your country otherwise, choose the US as a region.

Fix 4: Try readding the #images

One easy way to fix the issue when #images are missing from iPhone is to Re-add the #images. · You have to open the Messages by tapping on its icon. On Messages interface, open the app drawer and tap on “+” icon.  After that, choose Manage. Remove the #images and re-add it


Anonymous said…
Changing the region from UK back to US helped me out. I have the app back on. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip. I’ve been lookin the answer for this question everywhere, but nothing is there except yours. However, changing the region from U.S. to U.K. And back to U.S. and restart the phone helped me out.

Thank you again!
Anonymous said…
I have this problem & have tried every fix mentioned here & elsewhere but the #images will not load.
Unknown said…
I have turned images off and back on, restarted the phone, didn't work. I changed region from US to UK and back to US, restarted the phone, didn't work. What is the solution????
Anonymous said…
Changed my region like other person above and changed back and it worked.
Anonymous said…
how do you change the region on iphone xr?


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