How to fix iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X slow and overheating issue iOS 12


The new iPhone 8 and iPhone X released by Apple seems to create slow and laggy issue for many users. iPhone 8 plus seems to be overheating too often, and while running apps on the iphone the phone  gets slow and it seems like the apps are working in slow motion.  The issue is reported with latest iOS 11.2/11.3/11.4 and even with beta of upcoming latest iOS 12 expected to release near fall in 2018.

The issue makes the iPhone 8 so slow that the camera app and the flash wouldn’t work until the phone cools itself down, so the system recognized the overheating problem. For many user the problem is not from Day1 but initially the phone was working normal and it start to get quite hot especially while using maps, while browsing internet sometimes safari just freezes and you have to reset the phone as the touchscreen doesn’t respond.

Possible way to fix iphone 8 and iphone x overheating and slowdown in performance:

Solution 1 : Check the battery
 It could be a bad battery that might need to be replaced immediately. It is always recommended to contact your mobile carrier, if you bought the phone through them. Or else you can always book a genuine bar appointment and get your phone checked.

Solution 2: complete restore the iphone 8
Make backup of your iphone before doing this by iTunes or iCloud. Then go to settings down to reset Restore iPhone back to factory settings. After that do a restore and you want to use iCloud backup Say yes to get your apps and data back this will get rid of any bugs.

Solution 3: Clear safari data
It is always recommended to lighten up your apps by removing unnecessary data from them. Clearing Safari history and website data on your iPhone removes history, cookies, and other browsing data.

Solution 4: Check for free space
Make sure iphone 8 always have some free space in memory (Settings ->General ->iPhone Storage) as the low memory will result in slow phone.

Solution 5: Turn off background data refresh and location services
One basic reason of iphone getting overheated is when iPhone have to work on transmitting and receiving signals. You can avoid this by turning off background app refresh, this will block apps running to background consume internet and battery.
Also whenever possible please turn off location service of your iPhone as this can also cause battery drain and overheating of iphone.

Solution6 : Always upgrade the iOS
Please always consider upgrading the iPhone to latest iOS 12 releases as the iOS bug and performance improvements are released by Apple through new iOS release.



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