iCloud lost all back up data after iOS upgrade of iPhone X/7


Many iPhone users are seeing issue with iOS upgrade that the data backed up on the iCloud is lost and they are not able to recover wiped out data from iCloud. This is happening with latest iOS 11.4 the latest iOS software version released by Apple as well.

Apple offer two ways to backup database of iPhone, iTunes and iCloud. And usually both these methods are considered as reliable way to keep your data safe. However with the latest iOS 11/11.4 upgrade and even to latest iOS 12 beta upgrade some users are reporting that their iCloud backed up data is lost completely.

The iCloud data missing issue was not found with earlier version of iOS like iOS 10 but with iOS 11 onwards the issue is reported more frequently. If this is  a software bug it should be addressed soon by the Apple as this can create really big trouble to iPhone/Apple users.
In case you are also facing this issue it is recommended to contact apple support. They are the contact point to recover lost data from iCloud and can involve their Engg team to look into the issue.



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