iOS 11.4.1 WiFi intermittently disconnecting issue with iPhone and iPad [Fixed]


Many iPhone X/8 ,iPad and iPhone 7/6 users after updating iOS to 11.4.1 and are facing WiFi problem. The iPhone is dropping connection with WIFI While other devices connecting to WiFi with no problem. The issue is happening after upgrade to iOS 11.4.1  WiFi just intermittently drops out. The WIFI bug in iOS 11.4.1 is really annoying as the issue is occurring randomly and wifi keeps on disconnecting on iPhone X/7.

In some cases the after updated to IOS 11.4.1 iphone 6s/5 is not connecting with wifi at all. Even if wifi connects it stay for couple of minutes and then goes off and i have to connect again.  Some of the iPhone users report that using Xfinity WIFI is causing the issue and removing VPN setting helped them to fix WIFI dropping issue in iPhone / iOS 12.2

How to fix iOS 11.4.1 WIFI issue
Fix 1: Reboot devices
- Reset network settings (Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings)
-Reboot iphone
-Now restart therouter

 Fix 2: Downgrade back to iOS 11.4. or upgrade to iOS 12 beta

As there are no official fix released by Apple in this WIFI dropping issue, it is recommended to revert back to iOS 11.4 from iTunes and the issue will not occur with OS 11.4.
You can also upgrade to iOS 12 beta to fix WIFI issue as this issue is not reported with iOS 12 beta users.

Fix 3: Reset iPhone as new phone
Before you try this step please make sure you have backed up your iPhone on iCloud/iTunes. Resetting the iPhone as new will delete all data from your iPhone and any apps, setting bug will get removed from iPhone and wifi will work normally with fresh settings.



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