iPhone 6s can’t make calls but can text, 6 ways to fix


iPhone 5 and 6s even iPhone 7/8/X users are sometimes all of sudden are facing  issue with calls that iPhone is not making any calls but can receive or send text messages. When user tries to make a call for uknowne reasons iphone gives the message "call ended" and it hangs up. The issue is even reported with latest iphone X/8 with latest iOS 11 and iOS 11.4.1 as well.

Usually the iPhone not able to make calls can occur in different possibility and all of them can happen to one users at different instance of time. Following are details of possible issue users may face when call related issue are seen in iPhone :
-iPhone won’t make or receive calls but can text fine
- iphone won’t make calls but will text
-iphone can’t make calls after update to iOS 11/ iOS 12
-iphone can't receive calls but can make outgoing call
-can't receive calls on iphone 6
-cant make outgoing calls on iphone 6
-iphone 7 not receiving calls but text work normally.
-iphone 6/7/8 won't receive calls but can call out and text

In case all of a sudden you can’t make outgoing calls on your iPhone 5s/ 6s first please check with network carrier provider if they stopped your service due to undue bills. As you must know some service providers will deactivate outgoing call services and allow text and incoming calls only due to late payment or unpaid bills. Further as part of basic troubleshooting make sure you have turned off DND , call forwarding, airplane mode settings to avoid any calling issues to arise.         


Fix 1 : Stop sharing icloud account in different iPhone
Please ensure that you are not using same apple id on different iphones. This will make missed calls, calls etc appear on other phones. Please logout from all other Apple devices and once logged out please test with unique apple id.

Fix 2: Disable line id restriction
You can disable Line ID restriction in your iPhone which could have cause this issue. Just dial *#31# from your iPhone and will disable the settings. This will show as message popup “Setting Interrogation Succeeded, Calling Line ID Restriction Disabled” Check again and things should be normal.

Fix 3: Reset network setting
The issue could arise due to issue in network settings of iPhone, including problems on making and receiving calls would just require a simple network reset to properly work again. It is highly recommended to do network resetting in cases when iPhone is facing issue in making calls.On your iphone Settings-> General-> Reset-> and then select Reset Network Settings. This method has fixed iphone outgoing calls issue for many users.

Fix 4: contact blocking settings
In case you are not able to make call to one single number from iPhone please Verify contact blocking settings. You could have added the number accidently to  in the block list, that’s why your outgoing call won’t connect. In this case, go to Settings-> Phone-> Blocked, and make sure the phone number is not in the list. If the number is there, remove or unblock that number.

Fix 5: Update carrier settings
Sometimes outdated carrier settings can cause unreliable calling in iPhone and outdated system won’t connect properly on network and you may face iPhone not able to calls intermittently. Carriers’ settings updates are small in size and contains update such as network, calling, cellular data, messaging, personal hotspot, and voicemail settings. To get such updates please check the version as per below steps and check with your network service providers to send the latest update released by them. In fact these updates can include relevant settings updates from Apple and your carrier..
Go to Settings-> General-> and select About.
Now on the message screen you see the carrier version and usually will be asked for update if available. Follow the onscreen instructions to install available carrier updates.

Fix 6: Reinsert the sim card
Please try to take out your SIM card and clean it then restart your iPhone. Please test again with making calls. The issue could be also with you sim card so please test with different sim as well.

Even if after trying all these fixes you are not able to fix the issue, in  that case you should book appointment with your carrier service provider and also with genuine Apple bar.



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