iPhone 6s News Widget missing after iOS 11 upgrade [Fixed]


Many iPhone X/8 and iPhone 7/6s users after upgrading to latest iOS 11/ iOS 12 are facing issue that the news widget is missing from the iPhone. News widget has disappeared after the upgrade and it was working find prior updating to iOS 11.2. You cannot reactivate it via the "add widget" function as the news widget is no longer listed there. News widget is really news friendly app widget that lets users to access news from the home screen. iPhone users have been using the News Widget ever since it became available on iPhone.

The issue of news widget gone from the iPhone is not spread across all the devices as the other iphone and iPad Air 2 etc are not seeing this issue and news widget seems to work fine for some Apple devices with same updated iOS 11 version.  While for some users the news widget works fine on iPhone 7 but it disappeared from my iPad mini. Due to this issue user don’t have news from Apple and can’t do related activities.
  • ·        Fix iphone 6s news widget missing from iOS 11/ iOS 12 Or recover the News widget in iPhone

Fix 1:Swipe activate new widget  again

This is more like a workaround on your iphone  slide it over to the left  and you should see a search option. Search for “news” you will see in top hit. A red icon called news, click it and it will say it’s not installed and will download in the background. After this your new widget should ne back.

Fix 2 : Change region to US
Simply change the app store region to US, download the news app and again revert back to your original region. Change country to US, when it asks for credit card info hit the back button to go back to App Store. News app is now there to be downloaded. After download change country back to your country. Please follow below steps for details :
Step 1: Turn off app unloading (Settings —>iTunes & AppStore—>Offload Unused Apps—> turn this off)

Step 2. Change region/language to US (Settings->general—>language &region—>change both to United States)
Step 3. Phone will take a minute to change this setting and then the News app should be visible with all your other apps. Click it to download it and then make sure the widget is there. You will see US headlines (CNN, Fox, etc).
Step 4. Change region/language settings back to whatever you want. And issue should be fixed.



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