iPhone 7 calendar Unable to add event in OS 11 and iOS 12


iPhone 7/X users recently reported issue with calendar app that they are unable to add events to calendar in iPhone. They can access the calendar well but the while clicking on the Add button/link the link becomes greyed out. This is more frequently happening after the iOS upgrade. The calendar entries were working fine with iOS 10 with the same iPhone model.

Calendar app is very useful app for setting meetings and reminder for upcoming events. You are also allowed to add location for an event and can get reminder once you reach on that location. The Add or + button becomes greyed out now and one cannot add new appointments.

How to fix the issue when unable to add events on iPhone calendar

Fix 1: Add text to notes
While you have created your calendar entry, and the Add button is greyed out. Please click on the notes section, this will make the add button works now.

Fix 2: Log in and logout from the iCloud
Please make sure you are logged in iCloud. Now first log out and then re login with same account. If this thing also does not work consider to reset your iPhone. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset All Settings.
It is also recommended to upgrade the iOS version to latest one as the recent releases by Apple may have addressed this issue and fixed in latest release of iOS.



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