iPhone X Can’t add or delete a contact from a group text iOS 11/ 12


iPhone X/8/7/6 users are facing issue in group text management that after they have created the group and added members, they can’t remove anyone from the group text message.  This is really annoying that you cannot leave the group or delete a person from a group message. This is really buggy that tyu had to delete the entire group and start over only because one of my contacts is bad. Even with the latest iOS 11 and iPhone X the similar issue is faced when you won’t be able to delete any contact number from the group text.

If you have accidentally a wrong number in a group chat added and this poor person keeps getting texts and can’t remove him/her from group chat.  You can’t add or remove people from group chat, and neither can they remove themselves.
There are no response from the Apple in this issue and the issue was first reported with iOS 10 and now again seen in group text iOS 11. Actually the issue is reported by many iPhone users when a user in the group is non-iPhone (android, etc.) and their messages are coming through SMS or MMS, then the usual remove option will not be available. You can only remove a contact from a group text if everyone in the group is using iMessage. There are different problems that users are facing as detailed below :
-how do I delete or remove a contact from a group on iphone
-how to delete a group chat on iphone

-how to remove someone from imessage group chat
-how do you add a contact to a group on iphone?
-how to edit a group text on iphone
-add contact from text message iphone ios 11
-remove person from group text iphone iOS 11

What seems like that If all of the members or the group are using iMessage, you can remove someone using  below steps.  If anyone in the group is using SMS, you cannot remove anyone.
To remove/delete a user contact from group message:
1. Tap the group conversation that has the contact you want to remove.
2. Tap User uploaded file, then swipe left over the name of the person you want to remove.

3. Tap Delete, then tap done. Please remember these steps are only for groups when all member are iPhone users.

How to remove a user from group text in iPhone :

Fix 1:  Check your member device type
Please note that Apple has given you that option in imessage group thread ie. blue bubbles and all participate are using an Apple device. But if it’s a MMS group message ie. green text and mixed iPhone and non-iPhone user then you can't remove someone from a group conversation
The conditions to delete a user from the group text needs to meet are as follows:
1. Everyone is actively using iMessage (your sent messages will appear in blue if this is the case, green if not)
2. There are already at least three other people, not including yourself.
If the group conversation does not meet both of these conditions, you will not be able to remove people from the conversation.

In case you are looking for a way to delete a non-Apple (eg andorid) user from group text please raise a concern with your phone carrier as MMS is a carrier feature and not Apples.

Fix 2:  Delete the whole group message
If you want to delete the users at any cost, In that case you will need to start a new group chat with the intended recipients because removing/adding people is not supported.



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