iPhone X screen brightness drops while playing games [Solved]


iPhone X users are facing brightness issue of screen going dim when playing games like fortnight ,  PuBG. The issue is while playing games on iPhone X, the maximum brightness of iPhone screen drops so much that user cannot see the screen at the end. The iPhone dims on its own during Gameplay.  Even when you turn off the auto brightness the iPhone screen brightness will dims randomly specially while playing games on the iPhone.  

Not only iPhone X but iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 screen dims when playing games with iOS 11 and iOS 12. Even you won’t be able to be adjusted the brightness with the brightness slider as it would be ineffective.  Now this is annoying as the iPhone screen automatically dims but the brightness level at the control center is maximum.
Once the screen brightness drops only way to get the brightness back is by restarting the device. The iPhone screen dims when hot. This brightness drop in iPhone happens in hot environments and often when using your iPhone outside.

  • Why the iPhone screen goes dim

Actually the reason behind the iPhone X getting hot is that it will happens when your phone gets too hot and the screen gets too hot so it will automatically reduce the brightness too not overheat. And what is known so far that you cannot disable this feature and iPhone will always dim its screen brightness when gets hot. This is Apple iOS control to prevent any damage to device due to overheating.

  • Following are the points you should do to avoid iPhone screen dimming :

  • Fix 1: Make sure to cool down the device

If you have your phone in a case definitely remove it, as cases are insulating and prevent heat from dispersing. Otherwise turning down the graphics is usually the easiest (though not ideal) solution. Pointing a small fan at the back of your device can also help - Basically anything that keeps your device cooler or helps in removing heat generated by the game

  • Fix 2: Remove full case from the iPhone

Definitely remove your case as well, specially cover like otterbox in, will make iphone heat up very fast and it always dims the phone. Also, avoid charging while playing as it causes more heat and is bad for battery health.
  • Fix 3: Turn off display accommodation

Go into settings->general->accessibility->display accommodations->turn auto brightness off.



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