iPhone X/7 screenshot preview not showing or going away automatically iOS 12/ iOS 11


Many iPhone users with iOS 11/11.4 and iOS 12 are complaining about the issue that the screen shot preview that has come up whenever you do a screenshot in iOS 11 no longer appears at the bottom of screen. The screenshot display not shown up is across almost all iphone models including iPhone 8, iphone 6s and the iPhone X. However for some iPhone users opposite is happening like screenshot preview is shown over the screen but not going away itself and have to swipe right to move from screen.

The screen captures picture will be saved in gallery like you take a screenshot on iPhone X and it won’t screen flash nor bring up the preview down in the corner. The picture will be in my camera roll but there is no sign of it successfully completing.

How to fix the screenshot issue in iPhone X/8/7 and iPhone 6s/5

Generally a normal reboot should fix the issue and is working fine for many users. But this is not a permanent fix as the issue may appear again after 2-3 weeks. This is fefinalty a software glitch in the iPhone that Apple should address as this makes users worried about if the phots/screenshot are really getting saved or not.
For permanent fix please consider upgrading the iOS to latest version released by apple. As the issue may be addressed and fixed by apple in recent iOS releases.  



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