iPhone X/8/7/6 low call volume through ear speaker issue [Fixed]


Many iPhone 6s/7 and latest iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X user are facing issue with iPhone low call volume of ear speaker that suddenly experiencing, it is a very low volume during calls that other side user can not be heard at all.  The volume of iphone  is very low sometimes on the iPhone that its becomes better to turn on the speaker to be able to hear what the caller is saying because even at home silence place there is no enough sound from the earspeaker of the iPhone. This does not seems to be a dust particle in speaker as cleaning the receiver by blowing in it and using a brush does not seems to fix the issue. Specially after upgrade to latest iOS 11 upgrade, iPhone call volume has decreased and it is difficult to hear or take calls.

This is very annoying as built in speaker volume of the iPhone is very low and you can’t hear nothing at all sometimes. This not a day one issue as it started to happen with subsequent releases of iOS 11. The Low call volume on the iPhone is really a annoying and trouble making issue for many users. Apple have not officially reported any update on the bug/issue but the low volume issue is present across almost all models of iPhone including iPhone 8 plus.
May users after updated the software to iOS 11.3 faced the issue and expected to fixed in next release but also in iOS 11.4, there’s no difference with the volume at all. This is defianaltly a severe bug in the iOS 11 and needs to be addressed ASAP by the Apple.
How to fix low call volume issue in iPhone

Fix 1 : Turn of Noise Cancellation

Try with switching off “phone noise cancelation”. Go to settings (Phone noise cancellation in Accessibility settings). Settings/General/Accessibility/Phone noise cancellation is on by default.  Turning it off, and this may solve the problem after a restart.

Fix 2 : Get your screen replacement checked
The poor noise from the ear speaker can be due poor/improper fitting of screen on the iPhone. Just take your iPhone to nearby authorize dealer and get this removed and placed again.

Fix 3: Airplay Settings
Turn off airplay and perform hard restart. In details, the airplay icon shows "contacts only". If you touch the airplay icon, you'll see the other choices, "everyone" and "receiving off". Select "receiving off". Then do a hard restart. That worked perfectly for me.

Fix 4: Get your iPhone ear speaker professionally cleaned
Please take your iPhone to nearby authorized dealer and get speaker area cleaned properly. Though it does not work for many users but some users find this helping.



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