Is iron man suit possible in 2018? Learn how close the technology is today.


The Iron man is really liked superhero by many people around the world and the main reason is the suit that iron man has. The kind of powers and the technology used is really amazing. What really excites us is the human ability to create such suit in reality. In today’s world this is really interesting and challenging question that how to make a real iron man suit that can fly and do other things like shown in movies like Avengers.

 To make a fully functional iron man suit we need to first list down the technology that it must have :
1. Artificial Intelligence and assistance
AI is the future of the technology and its not very easy to work with it for getting iron man suit capability. But this is not impossible and lots of development has been made by different companies in this area. AI is supposed to collect data from the human wearing suit like his heart rate, breathing speed, eyes movement etc. Further it should also take care of external things like surrounding changes, high accuracy in detecting and observing objects, environmental changes, automatic decision making.

The screen which iron man is looking at is already under development and looks like the Google Glasses are very close innovation to that. It can show all the stats and processed data on glasses worn.  
But processing this much data should not be too difficult as the AI in today’s world have become really intelligent with machine learning and we can expect all things will be in a position better than iron man JARVIS. 

2. Thrusters

Fitted at the bottom of the suit thurster are main component of iron man suit. But these are simple as jet thruster to just push the power in opposite direction but also need intelligent control. So these are basic requirements
-Thruster should be intelligent to control meaning turning it off and on should detected by body movement or facial expression. It is not possible to do some physical act to on/off the suit.

-Quick and efficient: The suit may need to take sharp turns  very quickly and this will happened in fraction of seconds. So the thurster should sense same and make thing quick.
- Power source : this is a very interesting question as what should be the power source for Iron man suit ? Battery, fuel or solar charging. Surely this is still a challenging area.

3. Suit metal

The suit exoskeleton has to be very light in weight and very hard to sustain damage. Possible metal can be nickel titanium called nitinol which have similar strength ie is highly flexible, stable light weight and strong, which can recover after sustaining damage

4. Weapons:

The Iron man weapon are what makes it really war ready machine. The major part is repulsor for doing power blasts plus can be used as flight source accelerator.  The suit then can generate the powerful blasts by generating plasma through electric current and firing the plasma and muons, by utilizing their electromagnetic properties.

Smart Short Missile : A small size missile which can detect enemies, lock their aim on them, and then follow the target. Must be expensive technology but is already developed by humans. All it requires is voice control, AI integration etc.
Nanotechnology : The suit shown in 2018 Avenenger infinity war consist of nanotechnology and can do great number of things and self-healing, expanding and too many arms storage etc.   Nanotech can be used for :

-Tough Battle suit (remain lightweight and comfortable while stopping bullets, protecting against toxins, monitoring vital signs and administering first aid where possible.)
-Communications(utilise coded messages transmitted by means of flashing lights specially coated polymer threads woven into the suit can allow silent communication)
-Strength (Polymer molecular muscle ribbons in the suit can magnify strength by up to ten times. )



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