Pokemon Go Celebi quest – release date in a week and all News

Celebi  Mythical Pokémon is the second mythical pokemon go, and much like Mew it will also be available as a special research quest. The Niantic has announced that Celebi Pokemon Go will be available in beginning on August 20. 

Celebi will become available in Special Research and can be accessed after a player has completed step three during the Mew Special Research quest. Mythical Pokémon can only be added to the game by acquiring it from real-world giveaways, and later in the series, online events.

Celebi release date as Monday, 20  August 2018 is not confirmed but most likely.  To start, you need to complete the third group of tasks for Mew's'A Mythical Discovery'.
There is more thing to note that - celebi the quest has debuted first for those attending this year's Go Fest in Chicago. So if you have not you may have to wait a bit longer. And it will be releaesed region wise and for country like India and Asian country it may take some more time. 



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