The iPad cannot be synced. An internal device error occurred. [Fixed]


For many iPad/ iphone X/8/7/6s user after upgrading their device from itunes are getting error message “The ipad cannot be synced. An internal device error occurred” and sync is failing. The iPad sync is broken with iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 for taken photos. The photo sync is failing for iPad and giving error message of internal device error in the iPad. Sometimes the error is reported as “sync session failed to finish” .

For some users the issue is more complicated as new albums are not visible yet they are copied if you do a search and they will come up. This is really annoying as thousands of photos for the users are stuck and sync is not completing for iPad.

How to fix iPad internal sync issue with iOS 11/ iOS 12

Fix 1:  Upgrade the iOS and iTunes

For many user upgrading the iOS and iTunes has fixed the sync issue. The iOS 11.4 and iTunes 12.5 is working and sync works fine on these version. Please note that there are chances the all photos/data does not sync in one go, in that case you will have to re sync over and over again and it will work for all iPad photos finally.

Fix 2: clear iPad photo cache  
Its always recommend to clear cache when starting a fresh sync as this will remove any stucked sync issue in iPad.

Fix 3: Wait while sync is happening

The sync happening may take a long time like 16 hours in some cases. So please have patience



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