Fix iPhone X/8/7 Screen going black in landscape mode while video play (iOS 11.4.1)


iPhone X/7/6 users are facing issue after upgrading to iOS 11 and iOS 12 that the iPhone screen turns off black when they hold the phone in landscape mode. It’s almost like iPhone goes into sleep mode and it doesn’t turn off and just turns the screen black like its turned off but when you will hold it in portrait, it’s perfectly fine, the screen will never turn off. Sometimes it feels like that iPhone screen goes black for a second and then comes back immediately.

Specially with iPhone 7/6s in iOS 11.4 the screen is going out black more frequently. The screen blacks out during video playback at any time phone is turned to landscape view. Surprisingly when the video is playing and the screen turn black the sound of the video is still audible, it just the iPhone screen goes black. . Infact the latest iPhone X/8 are also suffering from this issue a lot in iOS 11.4.1.

When watched closely it not only video playback but doesn’t matter which app is being used, the screen blackout when held/handled around the top and upper edges of iPhone. iPhone X/7 will black out whenever user places hand over the camera, no matter what’s on the screen ( video or picture) or which orientation (portrait or landscape).

Why the iPhone screen turning off/going black in landscape view:

As stated  earlier the iPhone is facing black screen issue when camera area is covered. If you know, proximity sensor is placed alongside the camera. But the proximity sensor is uses in iPhone or any phone to turn off the screen during calls only. If you are facing the issue and the iPhone screen goes black randomly quite possible the proximity sensor is always turned on in iPhone and remains active while even not in call. Therefore whenever you will place hand or cover the camera area the phone screen will turn off of gets black while the phone remains active and plays audio.

 How to fix iPhone screen going black while camera is covered or screen Turing black in landscape mode :  

Fix 1: Hard reset your device

As said the iPhone proximity sensor always remain active due to some bug, one way to fix it is the hard reset your device/iPhone/iPad etc. to hard reset the iPhone Keep pressing and holding the volume down button and power butting at the same time until the Apple logo appears. Once done the proximity sensor will also get reset. But it’s possible that the issue will starts to happen again when proximity sensor gets faulty due to any reason/bug in iOS 11.4.1.

Fix 2 : Upgrade to the latest iOS
The issue is seems to first occurred with iOS 11.3  for many users however with iOS 11.4 many of them reported that the issue is fixed with iOS 11.4. Making this issue as iOS specific. The issue is already submitted to Apple and hopefully in coming iOS 12 the issue will get resolved. So please always consider upgrading your iPhone for permanent fix for proximity sensor issue.



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