How to fix increased line spacing/padding in iOS 12 [Fixed]


Many of the iPhone X/8 are facing issue after upgrading the iPhone to latest iOS 12 that the line spacing’s in notifications and vertical spacing between the settings items has increased and is bit extra. Whereas this was fine with iOS 11 and only after the upgrade the line spacing in not normal in iOS 12.

extra line spacing in iOS 12, image:

The line spacing issue can be seen everywhere in iPhone like setting list, lock screen notification, the height/padding has been increased and it looks quite odd and untidy. This happens to immediately start after iOS 12 without changing any setting of iPhone.

How to fix increased line spacing in iOS 12 on iPhone X/8/7/6/5

Fix 1: Remove any third language support

You should try to remove any third language added. Eg you might have added Arabian, urdu etc. Please remove them and the line spacing should be normal after that.

Fix 2: Hard restart the iPhone

Hard restart the iPhone and check if this issue is fixed or not. If not please do a fresh install of iOS 12 and check if line spacing look OK. If line spacing is fine in fresh iOS 12, then probably something from your backup is creating this issue.
Surely this is bug in iOS 12 that should be address in upcoming releases.



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