How to fix iPhone 6s/7 “Unable to join network” in iOS 12/11 [2019 updated]

iPhone 6, 6s and iPhone 7 users after upgrading their iPhone to iOS 11 are unable to connect to WIFI networks from iPhone and while trying to connect iPhone is giving error pop  up saying “unable to join network”.  This error happens when you’re trying to join a network and it can be really frustrating. It seems to happen with iPhone only as the other iPad, android phones are connecting fine to same WIFI network without giving any issue. The issue seems occur more frequently with iOS 11 than iOS 10.

iphone unable to join network

Sometimes even with the iPad issue seems to occur and iPad gives error message “Unable to join network”. The error message is not very clear that why iPhone is not able to connect to a WIFI network. But if this message occurs the user is unable to join the WIFI network.

Why iPhone and iPad getting “‘Unable to Join the Network”? :

The major issue for iPhone WIFI connection issue could be due to a
1.      very weak signal
2.     software glitch in iPhone
3.     Software glitch in router

4.     Hardware fault

But as per the error message it seems that the issue is due to software bug or weak signal. To eliminate poor signal strength please take your iPhone near to router and test by joining the network. If you are still unable to join the wifi network please read the following possible fixes for the issue:

How to fix WIFI issue on iPhone “Unable to join network”

Fix 1:  Test with updating Router settings

To fix the error message “unable to join network” Change the router settings eg to choose channel “6” instead of “Auto” or e B+G instead of B+G+N. (depending upon router model)  Also change the security to WPA2 from WPA. This should fix iPhone not able to join the wireless network issue. You can also try to change the frequency of router (GHz) from the option available in Router settings.
The seems to occur with specific Wireless Network routers, so if your router support dual band routing try to test connection with other network as well.

iphone unable to join network

Fix 3: Hard Reset iPhone and Reset Network Settings.

Network connectivity issue can be solved by Resetting Network Settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. It’ll require you to put your password. And this operation will disconnect all Wi-Fi networks and erase passwords you’ve entered. Now set up again to connect to Wireless network. Moreover you should hard reset your iPhone to fix any minor software glitches in iPhone.

Fix 3: Restart Router

Restart Router: just power off your router and power on it again. Let it be disconnected from power for more than 15 minutes.  And once done Restart iPhone, now try again to connect to WiFi. IPhone should be able to connect to wifi network.

Further it is always recommended to upgrade the iPhone to latest iOS 11/ iOS 12. WIFI issues and similar network issues may be fixed by Apple in upcoming fixes/releases.



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