iMessage merging two different Contacts into One Thread iOS 12 [Solved]


iPhone Xs/8/7/6 users are facing iMessage merging different contact conversation to one thread after iOS 12 update. One iMessage thread shared between two contacts in iOS 12 on iphone/ipad. This iMessages from different contacts combining to one thread issue is mainly faced by iPhone users with iPhone users with same apple id. The messages merge will start to happen randomly at any moment and even if you delete the merged thread and start two new ones (one with each person) it may work for a short time, then out of the blue they will be merged again to one single thread.

iMessage merging threads in iOS 12,

The imessage merge issue was not happening before the iOS 12. This is really big issue in iMessage for users who are using single Apple id on multiple iPhones as the all the conversation will be mixed up and start to merge into one another.  
The problem becomes much serious when user can’t reply to message thread but only last one who messaged him. But there are no updates from Apple about this bug.

One iphone users reported the imessage message merge issue as on iOS 12 :
It is merging the messages, in fact yesterday it merged my wife and I on my phone; so my thread where I had been chatting with my wife now shows my name ... chatting with myself.”

How to fix iMessage merging threads in iOS 12 :

It may seem that in iOS 12 the root cause of iMessage merging threads with same apple Id is a bug that Apple has introduced in iOS 12, that is causing merging conversations from separate phone numbers when they use the same Apple ID which never happened before in iOS 11/10. But if you are looking for a fix please read below points :

Fix 1: Turn off Notification Grouping
iOS 12 has a change in Notifications that will allow a number of the same types of content to be in a single notification. Please make sure the delte all affected iMessage threads.  If you go to Settings>Notifications>Messages, you will see a setting for Notification Grouping-> By default it is on Automatic. You can turn it off, and then all of your messages will show individual notifications and not just a single notification if you have multiple Messages. It could possibly fix the issue.

Fix 2: send & receive settings

Go to settings-> messages-> send & receive. Make sure you only have your phone number checked. Do make sure your Apple ID is not used for iMessages.

Fix 3: Delete and re-add the contact

It’s a temporary fix and more like a workaround. To quickly get rid of imessage merge issue in iphone/iPad is to delete the thread, delete both their contacts, then create new contacts for them and open new threads. This may work find but can reoccur again after some days.

*be sure to save any precious photos or media that you don't want to lose when deleting the old chat in Messages

Fix 3: Create separate Apple id for each iphone/ipad
If you have observed while upgrading to iOS 12 you might have received a notification that iMessage conversations coming from or to a specific person would be merged into one single conversation thread, if they were separated.
So this could be an intended behaviour from Apple in iOS 12 for considering all devices to be used by same users having same apple id.
It would be better that each have their own Apple ID then set up Family Sharing.

However some iPhone users may find it difficult to maintain so many different user Ids for all of family members as it would increase the burden to manage all of them like linking to credits card etc.


Unknown said…
I have this issue on my two kids phones (after the update the messages merge on mine and my wife's device which were both updated).

I have verified that only the phone number and not the apple ID on the devices is selected to send/receive messages.

I have created NEW apple ID's for my kids so that each of us have individual apple id's.

We still have the issue. Creating separate Apple ID's did non solve this.


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