iOS 12 CarPlay Waze app missing


If you have updated your iPhone X/7 to latest iOS 12 released and using CarPlay to connect to your iPhone to Car, than it is likely that you must be using Waze app in CarPlay. But after updating the iPhone to iOS 12 users are not able to find Waze app in CarPlay screen.

If you are looking to use Waze app with CarPlay in iOS 12, Unfortunately, the Waze app with iOS 12 support is not out yet. It’s still in beta for apple CarPlay. It is expected to be released in a few weeks.

How to get Waze app in iOS 12

If you can’t wait for the official Waze app, you can register at their site for beta version. It is reported that beta version is doing quite good and you can use it. Usually not all get  an email from Waze for beta version but if you get a email from them you can get the beta version app.
You can join their beta version at below link:



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