iOS 12 Microphone not working with Google maps on Carplay


Many user after upgrading to iOS 12 are facing issue in using Google maps with carPlay. The microphone doesn’t work with waze or google maps. If you launch the google maps app on CarPlay using connected lighting cable the app opens and click on the microphone icon the app can’t hear you. However by disconnecting the cable if you try with your iPhone the microphone icon works good and the can hear your voice.

Even it is made sure that user have allowed microphone access to google maps and have made sure in settings it’s unmuted but unable to use phones microphone when trying to use the microphone icon inside the app in Carplay for apps like Waze and Google maps.
The issue is reported against all types of cars eg Honda, Acura , Hyundai and Kia etc and almost all of them have reported the same. The app says listening but can’t hear anything.

How to fix microphone not working with Google maps on Carplay with iPhone X/iOS 12 :

Fix 1: Hard reset your iPhone
One way to remove any temporary bug is to hard reset the iPhone. To hard reset an iPhone X :
--Quickly press and release the volume-up button.

--Quickly press and release the volume-down button .
--Finally, press and hold the side button  until the Apple logo appears, and then release.
--The screen will temporarily go dark as the iPhone shuts down and reboots. Keep holding the button until you see the apple logo.

Fix 2: Update the Google maps and Waze app
It’s been reported that the apps won’t be able to support iOS 12 completely till sometimes and will be releasing the fully supporting version in future. So it is recommended to always use the latest version of the released in Appstore.



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