iOS 12: How to set Do Not Disturb with Until I leave this location in iPhone X/7

Do not disturb (DND) is a very handy feature used by majority of iPhone users and iPhone offers are great functionality to adjust the feature according to user. One of the best way to use the Do not disturb is to use it with location service, while driving car or on reaching a particular location.

iOS 12 Until i leave this location with DND:

However in iOS 12 the iPhone user is unable to set the DND (Do not disturb) feature with “until I leave this location”. The setting “until I leave the location” helps user to set the DND mode until the user is in one particular location. Once the iPhone changes its location the DND will be auto revoked from iPhone and goes back to previously set option.  To use this feature location service must be turned ON in iPhone and while activating the DND chose the option “until I leave this location”

While activating Do not disturb from the control centre on iOS 12,there is no option to choose “ until I leave this location”  while ensuing location service is ON. This is not a bug in iPhone or iOS 12 rather requires you to do some changes in settings as described below:

How to use Do Not Disturb with “until I leave the location” option in iOS 12 

Fix 1: Location-Based Alerts

To turn of until I leave this location with DND in iOS 12, You should turn on the location bases Alerts on your iPhone. To turned on Location-Based Alerts : open Settings on your iPhone, tap Privacy, tap Location Services and turn the feature ON there. Now you should see the option while setting the DND in iOS 12. 

Fix 2: Put network search to ON

For some users turning the network search ON solved the issue. So please go to: location service > system service > cell Network search ON and check if it helps to set the DND with “until I leave this location” in iOS 12. 



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