iOS12: iPhone X Screen colors saturated/dull with eye strain issue after upgrade


Many iPhone X users after upgrading their iPhone to latest iOS 12 are facing issue with iPhone screen colors getting saturated or dull like off colors. The color are seems to be adjusted differently in the iOS 12 for iPhone X users. Not sure what changed from iOS 11. Below is the image showing the saturation level in iPhone X. if you look at orange part you will see that color are hard to read.

The iPhone X uses OLED screen and iOS 12 have changed the color scheme for iOS 12 and colors on the screen looks very different.  The colors on iPhone X looks super saturated in iOS 12 and for many user the Home screen was so washed out looking. Even the iPhone 7 is also reported with increased contrast in iOS 12.
At first glance in you look at iPhone X with iOS 12, it feels definitely something is off. Seems like they bumped up the white balance and made the screen warmer.

Not only this is the dull color issue creating eye strain for many users. One user on the forum reported that
“#same here on two iPhone X’s and an 2017 iPad. Horribly washed out and very whitish hue. Hurts my eyes actually

Probably to better optimize for the OLED screens the Apple have made chagnes. And as you are accustomed to old color, Give it a sometimes and you probably won’t even notice the difference.

How to fix iPhone X color issue with iOS 12 :

[Fix 1] : But still if you want to try some setting Goto setting->accessibility->display accommodation->Reduce white point. Turn it ON (~56%) and see if this helps.

[Fix 2]Also you  can try :
Go to Setting -> accessibility > increase contrast > darken colors combined with the blue/yellow filter works really well too. Also try with turning true tone to off.



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