iPhone 6s Photos in Camera Roll showing up as full black or with grey boxes


iPhone 6s /6/ 6 plus users are seeing issue with photos taken from iPhone camera that the photos in camera roll showing up as complete black or with boxes. While taking the photos the camera preview shows the photo normal but when viewed in the camera roll, the photo is shown just dark black screen. This only happens with random photos.

iphone 6s black pictures

Similar thing is happening while sharing or sending the photograph e.g took a picture and tried to send it through messages as a text and it showed up as a gray box. The receiver could not see it either. When going to my camera roll, I could see the thumbnail, but it shows up as just a blank gray box when clicking on it. Even when tried syncing the photos to computer through iTunes and there also still show up as gray boxes on the computer.
How to fix iPhone saving black screen camera roll picture
Fix 1: Set filter to none while taking photo
For some users the filter applied seems to be an issue and when you set a filter other than "none" iPhone camera will show black screen photo.
I've noticed if I go in and change the filter or remove it, then save the photo back it seems to fix it for that photo. So step by step it is like
A) Make sure when you take a picture, do not use a filter. Make sure it is set to "none".
B) If I have forgotten that there is a filter on then open the photo in edit mode. and turn the filter off, and re-save the picture's filter to "none".
C) If I import to iPhoto - the import seems to be fine.

Fix 2:  To recover a black screen photo
A temporary fix to recover your photos is to  Select the photo>edit>autocorrect>save. The photo should look original now.

Fix 3: Change photo viewer
When some users viewed through iCloud on desktop the photo looked just fine. Clearly something with just the Camera App and IOS 11/iOS 12. Please contact apple for further resolution in iOS.



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