iPhone X: How to remove Do Not Disturb notification from lock screen in iOS 12


iPhone X/8/7/6s users after upgrading the iPhone to iOS 12 are seeing Do Not Disturb notifications on the lock screen several times. This is really annoying to see DND messages coming up again and again on the lock screen of iPhone and sometimes causing difficult to read the notifications from the lock screen. 

The message looks like and keeps popping up: "Do Not Disturb. Calls and notifications will be silenced until Do Not Disturb is turned off." The message will keep appearing until you turn DND off. That notification did not exist before iOS 12 infact in iOS 11 and earlier iOS version, the DND enabled was indicated by a small crescent icon in the status bar. It has been replaced by the more noticeable and more informative notification.

How to remove Do Not Disturb notification from lock screen in iOS 12:

Simply saying you can’t turn off DND message from the lock screen of iPhone as of now in iOS 12. The most you can do is swiping it away every time. This is not a bug but intentional feature added by Apple in iOS 12 to show DND more prominently. Sometimes the notification is so important to users to see on the lock screen rather than seeing DND status, the only way to remove the message from lock screen is to turn off DND.
One user reported the issue :
I keep my 6s in DND all the time and having a "notification" blocking part of my lockscreen from showing actual notifications that I want to see is just annoying.
This needs to become an optional notification, it feels like something you'd only encounter in a beta

It would be rather better if Apple decides to included Do Not Disturb in the Notifications section rather than lock screen message.
If you too feel this as annoying things you can let Apple know what you'd like to see here:



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