iPhone: Unable to Share photo with Airdrop “Unable to Share-There was an error while preparing to share.”


iPhone 7/8/X users while trying to share photo/video with airdrop are unable to share the photos and getting error “Unable to Share-There was an error while preparing to share. Please try again later”. While making sure that the Bluetooth and wireless are turned on all Apple devices still user is unable to share photos and media.

Airdrop not able to share photo : image:reddit,com

Not only photos but for messages etc the airdrop is giving error message “Unable to Share”. The issue started in iOS 11 and now reported with iOS 12 in some devices.

How to fix iPhone not able to share photo from AirDrop or airdrop unable to share :

Fix 1: Airdrop settings

Please make sure that all devise are on same Wi-Fi network. Also make sure any device that might offer has Hotspot turned on.

It is also requisite that receiving device have sufficient free storage. Check Settings > General > iPad Storage and be certain you never have less than 10% of the total storage free.

Fix 2: Sync the photo library in iCloud

Please make sure to take backup of your iPhone before trying this as it may remove all your photographs from iPhone/iPad. And will be downloaded again after sometime from iCloud.
Just go to Settings > Click on your name > iCloud > Photos > turn off iCloud Photo Library and turn it on again. When you turn it off, choose "Remove from iPhone".

Fix 3: Turn of reduced motion

Looks unrelated but for some users turning off reduced motion has solved the problem for many user. You may also try it as from below settings:
Open ->General settings->"Accessibility"-> "Reduced motion"-> turn it off or on which ever you didn't have. -> Try again in few minutes.



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