iPhone X Bluetooth Not Working/ grayed out in iOS 12 (switches to ON, OFF, Unavailable)


Many iPhone X/8/7 users are facing issue after upgrading the iPhone to iOS 12 that the Bluetooth is not working properly and is grayed out in settings (as shown in the picture ) and affected with many issue in iOS 12. The major issue is that the Bluetooth switches between ON, OFF or Unavailable.  The bluetooth issue is reported mainly by the users once they have upgraded from iOS 11 to iOS 12 and restored from backup.

iOS 12 bluetooth grayed out : image: apple.com

If you try to turn it off from quick settings but a few seconds later the Bluetooth in iPhone turns back on of its own accord automatically. This is very annoying bug in iPhone X Bluetooth as the  Bluetooth status rotate between off and unavailable.

The Apple iOS 12 was expected to work fast and smooth with all application and feature. The iOS 12 do reported to work fine and much better with feature like carplay etc but the Bluetooth bug is a serious trouble to  iOS 12 and its iPhone/iPad users. Apple should imeediatly address this bug.

How to fix iPhone X,8,7 Bluetooth grayed out issue in iOS 12 :

Fix 1: Do a clean install of iOS 12 in iPhone

Please do a clean install of iOS 12 in your iPhone X and do not restore you backup to iPhone X/7/6s and now check the bluetooth status. It should work fine unless you load back to iPhone
So it doesn't seem like a hardware problem with iPhone X or any other model. Once you restored from the backup previously made on iTunes the problem continues to occur. One more thing you can do is try to install back up from iCloud rather than iTunes and see if it makes any difference.



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