iPhone X/8 Contact Photo is not shown as full on call screen [3 ways to Fix]

Many iPhone users are not able to set profile picture of a contact to full screen when they receive or make calls to them. AS while setting a profile photo in iPhone X only a small circle size photo is shown for incoming calls. It seems that full screen caller id not possible in iOS 11 for iPhones X and iPhone 8 plus. 

iphone X how to show full screen profile for calls

What is more interesting with setting iPhone contact profile picture is shown for only few incoming calls only and later on iPhone stops showing contact profile picture on full screen. If you assign a contact photo and an incoming call is received from the contact, the picture is shown as full screen only for the first time. Whereas from second time onwards, the picture is just shown as a thumbnail image. Sometimes, this is the case even for the first time incoming call. The problem is mostly faced with iPhone X as the older iPhone 5s keep showing full screen profile picture for contact on iOS 11. Whereas the iPhone X is not showing full screen contact picture on iOS 11.4.

In this post we will discuss how to set full screen profile photo for iphone X contacts for call screen in iOS 11 :

Fix 1: Select image by camera roll

From your camera roll, choose the photo you want for the contact and assign it. Then it shows up full screen when they call. If you assign the photo from their contact info, then it shows up as a round thumbnail.

Fix 2 : Use iCloud contacts
Many iPhone X users faced the issue with google contacts only. So please test by stopping sync with gmail contacts from Google and started using iCloud contacts only and issue may get fixed and you will start to see the contact profile pic on full screen.  and it worked. Not sure if that was the problem, however it solved my issue.

Fix 3 : Edit the contact details

Make a slight edit to the photo for the contact that you want to change. Any edit at all should work like making it slightly smaller, a little larger, moving it slightly. After saving the edit, you should get a full screen photo instead of the little photo in the circle.



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