iPhone X/8 letters disappear while typing contacts name in iMessage [Fix]


iPhone X/8 users are facing issue with iMessage or text that when they try to send a message, the letters start to disappearing as you start typing. For example, if you type a text to search in contact as OTHER, by the time your will type h, the “Ot” will get erased. Not only that the letter you just typed, contacts names starting from that will start populating.

This issue of letter disappearing while searching in contact name field seems to be faced by almost all iPhones like iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 , iPhone 8 and iPhone X with iOS 11/ iOS 12. The issue is annoying as in some cases  sometimes get two letters typed in before they disappear when starting a text message in the iPhone. iPhone X have the same issue as when you are  typing a contacts name that the letters disappear in iOS 11.4. Normal restart of iMessage or text app does not seems to fix the issue and the issue still happens.

Fix 1: Sync your contact list again
You may be importing contacts in your iPhone from different sources like gmail, iCloud, email exchange etc. As this can be a contact related issue therefore it is recommended to sync contact list again. Or use only those required and disable "contacts" for all the accounts. After the sync you should have downlaoded contacts from the icloud and no such letter disappearing issue should occur again.

You can go into Accounts and Passwords, and click on your different accounts (email addresses) then deselect the contacts button from all but your default account.

Fix 2: Use Siri
Actually this is more like a workaround to the issue. For sending any text message you can use Siri for dictating the message. 

Fix 3: Reset the iPhone
Please make sure to take backup of your iPhone. And from the setting->General->Reset option you can reset you iPhone as new.



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