iPhone X/8 True Tone display option missing after update to iOS 12 [Fix]


iPhone X/8 users are facing display issue after updating iPhone to iOS 12.  This is very strange that the true tone option has completely disappeared from the phone display settings. True tone setting is not in the accessibility settings, and it’s not in control centre as an option on the screen brightness tab.

True Tone display missing in iOS 12

The true tone setting  is not missing from each and every iPhone X/8 that is upgraded to iOS 12, but few of them are facing the issue as the true tone setting is nowhere in the settings. Below are some steps to fix the issue :

How to fix true Tone display option missing in iPhone X/8 after iOS 12 update:

Fix 1: Hard reset the iPhone
-Press and quickly release volume up button
-Press and quickly release volume down button
-Press and keep holding the power button (hold past swipe to shut down) until the Apple Logo appears
-Let go and your phone will reboot.
Please check again in setting if option is available now.

Fix 2: Do a fresh install of iOS 12

True Tone is a hardware setting in the iPhone. If during the install the update does not get responses that the display is True Tone capable then the option would not be presented. Please try with installing the iOS again and don’t load the backup and check if the settings are available.

If the issue is still not resolved please take the iPhone to nearby Apple store for evaluation.



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