iPhone X/7 message color is darker/ high contrast in iOS 12


Many iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 12 are finding message color darker than before in iOS 11. It is not creating any issue in iPhone message but you can see message color getting much darker in iOS 12 now. Some user are finding this uncomfortable as they are used to of older color scheme of iPhone/ iOS 11/ iOS 10. Even the iPhone 6 has color issue in iOS 12. 

ios 12: message app high contrast/dark color: image apple.com

Not all iphone owners are experiencing   this issue but many of them are seeing change in color of message of iPhone. But it is sure that the contrast issue is majorly reported in iPhone after upgrading to iOS 12. Some of the user even did a hard reset or ios restore but nothing seems to fix the issue. We have added some solution to fix high contrast message in  iphone with iOS 12.

How to fix high contrast in message app iOS 12 :

Fix 1: Contrast setting

In iOS 12 it looks to be related to the Accessibility Settings, largely the "Increase Contrast" option. If you want the lighter colors back just disable this feature. Apparently it also gives you the darker folders and dock as well if you enable the "Reduce Transparency" function in accessibility settings.

Fix 2: Make sure to turn on color filer

It is recommended to use the color filer in iOS 12 upgrade. If  you are not comforatable with the message app color in iO 12 , please make following changing in the settings . : Settings/General/Accessibility/Display Accommodations and see if you have “Colour Filters” enabled.

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