iPhone XS : How to enable or turn on battery percentage indicator? [Solved]


Apple recently launched it three new models iPhone XS/Max and iPhone XR with amazing feature and capability. All these phones are now available in market with iOS 12. But for most of the users who have upgraded their Phone to iPhone XS/XR are finding difficulty to turn on battery percentage in iPhone XS and iPhone XR. “Battery percentage” is really helpful to know exact power available in iPhone.

The battery percentage usage level is not available in the top right corner on iPhone XS/XR and user is not able to turn on the setting to see battery percentage. Usually in other iPhone model to turn on the battery percentage you should change the following settings: Settings -> Battery -> Battery Percentage to ON. But in iPhone XS not such setting is available to see the battery parentage.

How to see battery percentage in iPhone XS:

To see the battery percentage in your iPhone XS you should swipe down the screen with one finger touch. Keep it pulled down and you can see the battery percentage there till the the time you hold it. Actually there is way to always show battery percentage in iPhone XS but you can get always view the status by swiping the finger down.

Apple have removed the fixed battery indicator from iPhone X onwards. It may be something to do with front camera notch and available space in the upper status bar. May be apple have optimized the space by making some space for location and Wireless service indicators.



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