iPhone XS Max calls drop, weak signal and poor WIFI 5Ghz [Fix]


The new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max user are facing very annoying issue in signal reception and connectivity issue. Both cell phone network signal and wireless WIFI signal are very poor in iPhone XS.  Many of the iPhone XS and XS Max owners are facing poor wireless reception and too many call fails. iPhone XS mas keep disconnecting and also is pretty slow, need to turn off and on to solve the issue the problem but not for long.

iphone XS having serious poor network and WIFI signal issue

The issue is reported with iPhone XS only as the old iPhone X was receiving full signal at the same place whereas the new iPhone XS max is showing only 2 bar signals. Verizon users are more affected with this bug than other network users.

 Issue with 5Ghz WIFI network:

Sometimes the signal is so weak that it is difficult for user to even browse website. Even when users are trying ipad and ipod and mac-book right, iPhone XS max next to WFI router, yet iphone xs max does not have full WIFI strength and is super slow however other devise have good signal and speed. Even if it connects the iPhone XS is not staying connected to 5GHz and failing over to 2.4GHz. 

This is very annoying as you may see dropped reception/signal now in places on iPhone XS Max whereas no issues on the iPhone X7 and iPad etc. For some users they are not able to connect iPhone Xs to 5gz WiFi. The iphone XS max can't even see  5GHz networks in the same room but 6S can connect to both with full bars.

Extend of signal loss in Phone Max issue:

The issue is reported that it may be a hardware failure and lots of video on the youtbe are claiming radio frequency related issue in iPhone Xs Max.
Some users reported that your hand placement can control the signal strength also now called as "hand behind the phone" drop in speed problem - you can literally watch the bars disappear/appear as you take your hand on/off the back of the phone.

How to fix iPhone XS poor WIFI signal and speed:

Fix 1: Change Router frequency

Most of the iPhone XS Max slow WIFI speed issue is reported with WIFI routers operating with 5GHz frequency.  But if you switch to 2.4ghz network by changing network settings of Router you will feel better WIFI network in iPhone XS. Just a workaround.

Fix 2: reset the network settings for better speed
Please do a network reset (Setting->General->reset) as this will possibly increes signal strength of you iPhone XS Max. But this will not fix the issue completely but gives you little improvement of singal iPhone XS max.

Fix 3: Get a replacement

If you are in 14 days warranty period, its better to get a new iPhone than waiting for an official fix. As apple may take 2-3 month to fix the issue. Like in case of iPhone X with erratic signal took Apple 6 month to fix completely.    



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