No subfolder Push Notifications for Mail in iOS12 and iPhone X/8/7/6


iPhone X/8/7/6 users after upgrading to iOS 12 are facing issue in mail push notification not working for sub folder in any mailbox. In iOS 12 notifications are received only from the inbox mails, but not from the subfolders. This is really a big problem for iPhone users who are using mailbox with hundreds of sub folder and rely upon them for any notification. Even trying to delete and add the mailbox will not help to fix the issue in iPhone with iOS 12.

iOS 12: no push notification for sub-folder mails:

But in iOS 12 there are no notification for subfolder mails anymore and before iOs 12 the notification works perfectly for each subfolder/mailbox. Apple have suggested to add the folder as additional mailbox but not working for many users as still no notification for subfolder emails in iPhone 8/7 with iOS 12/ iOS 11.2/ iOS 11.4 also.

How to fix no notification for subfolder mail in iPhone/ iOS 12:

Workaround 1: Add contact to VIP list

Please add the contact to your VIP list in Mail app, that list has separate Notifications so they can still pop up on your locked screen. Could be easily done for most important mails/contacts.

To add people to VIP list in your mailbox:
1. Open mail app in your iPhone and Tap Mailboxes in the upper left corner of your screen
2. Tap the VIP inbox directly underneath your regular inbox.
3. Tap on Add VIP.
4. Tap on the name of the contact you'd like to add to VIP.
5. Done. The contact is in VIP list now.

Workaround 2: Mark the subfolder as Favorite Mailboxes

In case you are missing notification in iOS 12 for sub folder mailbox, please try below solution :
1.      Go into your Mail app -> click edit in the top right -> select Add Mailbox
2.     Select all of the sub-folders in your mailbox you need to receive push notifications for and select Done
3.     Go into the Settings app > select Mail > select Notifications
4.     You should see an option that says " Favorite Mailboxes"
5.     Open Favorite Mailboxes and configure your preferences for mail notifications.

After you finish you should now be able to receive notifications for those sub-folders based on the notification preferences you set in Favorite Mailboxes.

 Workaround 3: Change rules to copy emails to subfolder

To get push notification in iOS 12 for subfolder mailbox : You can change to rule to move your emails to other subfolder in iPhone. Like in Exchange if you have rules set up to "move" emails to a subfolder is to uncheck it and make a new rule where you "copy" the email to the subfolder. It will create duplicated emails but main inbox and subfolder but at least you will get notifications until the fix is officially released by Apple about this.



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