Why Facetime changes in iOS 12 may not be liked by iPhone users


iOS 12 has been released with many changes in FaceTime like adding new Group Facetime feature etc. Apple will be changing that in a future iOS 12 update with Group FaceTime, which adds support for up to 32 people total in group audio and video calls. Facetime has been a game changer for Apple in many releases over other phones in the market but with iOS 12 various issue faced in Facetime and fixes for iPhone/ iPad users. We have discussed few issue in FaceTime with iOS12 below and comment your opinion about them:

ios 12 facetime isse 

FaceTime issue with iOS 12 :
Issue 1:

  • iOS 12 facetime live photos not working :

You won’t see a white circular button on FaceTIme screen nor seeing a toggle button on FaceTime settings. The feature have ben removed from the iPhone and hopefully adding group FaceTime in the future update also brings Live Photo feature back.

Issue 2:

  • Now 3 clicks to mute or flip camera in FaceTime:

In iOS 12 now it will take three clicks to switch between back and front-facing cameras of iPhone (or do anything else, like muting which people use more often than putting filters and other kinds of stuff).

Issue 3:

  • No way to know that you flipped the camera or not- FaceTime:

In new iSO 12 there are no way to check which camera is active by looking at the screen. There’s no indication anywhere that the camera is flipped.The icon is removed and you will have do video calls without this status.

Issue 4:

  • Animoji and filters on main screen of Facetime video call:

One more issue in iOS 12 with Facetime is that many users are finding Animoji and filter unnecessary in video call. These were first created by Google on its software Gtalk with limited customization. But Apple have added these feature now while in video call.  Animoji or filter change Icon on the main screen which is going to be proved useless option which nobody may be using after few calls. Also you may not like an action button to cover whole screen.

If you want to provide feedback to apple about FaceTime changes you don’t likeFeedback - iPhone - Apple



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