Why iPhone Xs Max Home screen does not rotate to landscape


Many iPhone Xs user after upgrading their iPhone to iPhone Xs are facing issue with the phone that the iPhone Xs home screen wont rotate to landscape. It is sure that the rotate screen is not lock yet the iPhone screen won’t rotate on its lock screen. To control rotate in apps -> Rotate screen orientation of iPhone XS Max by swipe down top right corner. See rotate icon. Tap on. Tap off. But this will not work for home screen rotate. 
What is surprising that within from the apps the iPhone XS screen will rotate fine and only on the home screen the auto rotation will not work anymore in iPhone Xs.

Why screen rotation not working in iPhone Xs :

iPhone xs max doesn’t have the feature of home screen rotate. iPhone Xs will not support screen rotation on the home screen anymore. It is not a bug but a feature added by Apple in iPhone Xs. The reason pointed behind this is to make FaceId work much smoother, iphone won’t let you rotate the home screen. Something to do with the cameras being fixed in portrait mode and not being able to pick up your face in landscape so not allowed to rotate the screen in landscape mode.

It has created many troubles for the iPhone Xs max users as now the Xs Max does not work with Apple TV because you need to keep turning your head and you need to keep rotating the phone to open landscape apps. Hopefully Apple may come up with another solution to enable  users to use home screen in landscape mode.



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