Why there is no Bluetooth icon in iOS 12 ? (iPhone X/8/7/6) [Solved]


If you have upgraded the iPhone to latest iOS 12 and must have observed that there is no icon. You must be wondering why there is no Bluetooth icon in iOS 12. Bluetooth has been integral function of iPhone and iOS released so far by Apple and now with after iOS 12 update you can’t see the Bluetooth sign.

bluetooth icon missing from iOS 12: Image :apple.com

Why Bluetooth icon is missing in iOS 12 (iPhone X, iPhone 8. iPhone 7/ iPhone 6s):

Actually the Bluetooth icon on status bar is taken out by Apple in iOS 12. If you refer to iOS12 User Guide, the Bluetooth Symbol has been removed from the listing of available symbols on iPhone. It is clearly done on purpose and further demonstrates Apple's position that there really is no valid reason to turn Bluetooth off. When not connected to a Bluetooth enabled device, Bluetooth uses virtually no power and because of the way Apple encodes the Bluetooth radio, there are no security issues one can experience.



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