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How to Fix Xamarin exception: Foundation.MonoTouchException

 Xamarin exception: Foundation.MonoTouchException

Some of the iOS/Android developers while trying to develop app with Xamarin are facing issue with running app on the simulator. As soon as you will compile and run the app, it will load find on the simulator but when you will do some action on the app, the program crashes Main.cs file. Infect the issue is so common that for many developers the issue appeared right away with first sample test app development of Xamarin WebSite.  Xamarin will throw an exception “Foundation.MonoTouchException” with below details.

Failed at UIApplication.Main (args, null, "AppDelegate"); with the following error message "an unhandled exception has occurred”.
Full Stack of the xamarin app is :Objective-C exception thrown.  Name: NSInvalidArgumentException Reason: -[ViewController TranslateButton_TouchUpInside:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7fda24d13a20 Native stack trace: 0   CoreFoundation                      0x000000010eac229b __exc…

How to check WiFi usage info on iPhone and iPad

Many iPhone 5s/6/7/X users are unable to track data usage by their device as iPhone do not offer any direct way to check WIFI usage made by iPhone or iPad. You can view data usage when you go to Settings -> Mobile -> swipe up to MOBILE DATA, check 'Current Period'. But there is no such feature available to check data usage on WIFI.

You may wish to check WIFI usage in your iPhone in case of some particular app data usage monitor or to check if iPhone is not using data unnecessary for any blocked updates. Some apps also have bugs to WIFI internet when switched off within the app. In these cases WIFI usage monitor on iPhone can help a lot.

How to track WIFI usage in iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5 on iOS 11 and iOS 12: There are few apps available on Appstore which can do work for you to compute WIFI usage per day or per app. We have list below two best apps for WIFI data monitor in iPhone /iPad :
#1. My Data Manager - Track Usage

My Data Manager tracks how m…

How to fix iPhone hangs or freezes after a missed call

iPhone 4s/5s/6s/7 plus user are facing iPhone getting frozen or hanged when receives a missed call. When the phone is locked and receives a missed call the iPhone will freezes. The iPhone users is not able to press any button or notification on the screen. The iPhone just sits backs frozen up infinitely.

To fix the iPhone hangs or freezes for incoming
Fix 1: Update Carrier settings In most of the cases when iPhone freezes for an incoming calls/missing calls it may be due to carrier setting that has created this issue. Please follow below steps to solve the problem: 1.Go to Settings 2.Go to Phone section 3.Scroll down to SIM Applications
4.Depending on the menu offered by the carrier, find a service like "Options", "Services", etc. 5.Click on the appropriate action like "Mobiles Services" (in my case for Morocco/Inwi "Services Mobiles")
6.A black popup (like the one we want to remove) should appear with aditionnal actions 7.Click on the appropriate action…

How to fix iPhone 8/XS/XR mic not working/muffled voice during call

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus iPhones are also suffer with poor mic issue as the people they are talking with on call are telling that they cannot hear voice properly during calls. Other side callers claim they here windy noise and voice drops out. Same issue was reported with iPhone 7 and it was later found to be a hardware issue in the phone for many cases. The call quality is very poor from iPhone 8 plus speaker and even just to make sure that nothing is blocking the mic, mic problem occurs with and without phone case even when removed the glass protector.

The voice from iPhone 8 speaker is muffled, not clear, low volume, and the sound quality is intermittent, sometimes ok, but not great, then at other times it is bad. However if you use the speaker iPhone 8 plus your voice will be heard properly by other user.

To make sure that the issue is with micof the iPhone not the carrier provider you can test the microphone using recording a voice memo or a video from camera -Tap Voice Memos app…

The application Market (process has stopped unexpectedly [Fixed]

Android users across different make like LG, Samsung, HTC, OnePlus are facing issue while using apps on the android phone. When you click on the app it will give an error message “The application Market (process stopped unexpectedly”? Due to this issue the android users are unable to use the application.

The issue happened with GooglePlay store app, when the user accidentally uninstalled Google Play and while reinstalling it android is giving, "The application (process has stopped unexpectedly error message. If you are also facing similar issue in android phone please try below fixes : 
To fix the issue process stopped issue, please try below steps:
Fix 1:clearing the data
Go to settings and open your apps list and then you'll get the option to clear data and uninstall updates. Now clearing the data and uninstalling updates of Google Play from the settings should fix the issue.
Fix 2: battery  How to fix The applicati…

How to install gba4iOS in iOS 12 on iPhone Xs/XR/8/7/6s plus

If you are trying to install emulator gba4iOS iOS 12on iPhone X/XS max, XR, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 5S/5 this article will illustrate how to do it. GBA4iOS emulator on iOS 12 will give you flexibility to enjoy some of the great retro games on iOS 11 and iOS 12. GBA4iOS is a Game Boy Advance emulator created by iOS developer Riley Testut. Please make sure to follow each step carefully to install gba4iOS on iOS 12 in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

The  GBA4iOS has been working great with iOS 11 and you will happy to know thats GBA4iOS is now working on iPhone X full-screen mode and iOS 12.
*Please note we promote to download ROMs and use emulators.

Steps to Install gba4iOS in iOS 12 on iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus,7,6:
Step 1: Open on your iPhone/iPad’s Safari browser. Step 2: Tap on Apps tab on a webpage. Scroll to down on the page, Tap on BGA4iOS 2.1 updated and tap on the download page button.

Step 3: Now again Scroll down on a page to see GBA4iOS 2.1 …

How to print screen on mac [5 ways]

Being a Mac user you might be looking to print screen in mac and may find it different if you have recently purchased a macbook air or macbook pro. You will be happy to know that there are a multiple way of screenshot methods available in MacOS. There may be circumstances where you may prefer a way to take customized screen area to print. There are some Mac print screen selection you can make to take a screen shot of mac.

List of way to print screen on Mac: 1.Using keyboard-command + Shift + 3 (or 4) 2.Without keyboard- using Grab, screen preview utilities
Solution 1: Print screen mac keyboard –full Screen capture To take print of Mac full screen you can use a keyboard short cut :
Press command + Shift + 3. It will immediately take a screen shot of your mac and will be saved on the desktop with name like picture_Numeric(numberOfscreen-capture)
Solution 2:To capture a customized area of Mac screen In case you want to take customized portion of screen to capture and print. Press Command+Shift+4 I…


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