The application Market (process has stopped unexpectedly [Fixed]


Android users across different make like LG, Samsung, HTC, OnePlus are facing issue while using apps on the android phone. When you click on the app it will give an error message “The application Market (process stopped unexpectedly”? Due to this issue the android users are unable to use the application. issue

The issue happened with GooglePlay store app, when the user accidentally uninstalled Google Play and while reinstalling it android is giving, "The application (process has stopped unexpectedly error message. If you are also facing similar issue in android phone please try below fixes : 

To fix the issue process stopped issue,  please try below steps:

Fix 1:clearing the data 

Go to settings and open your apps list and then you'll get the option to clear data and uninstall updates. Now clearing the data and uninstalling updates of Google Play from the settings should fix the issue.

Fix 2: battery 
How to fix The application (process has stopped unexpectedly error message
* Please note you might lose some apps you downloaded unless they are on SD card.

1. remove battery from phone
2. remove sd card from phone
3. put battery back in phone
4. turn on phone
5. reset phone from settings (For Reset go to Menu -> Settings-> Privacy-> Factory Reset-> press it)
6. wait till phone is fully reset
7. Now againg remove battery
8. put sd card back in phone
9. put battery back in phone
10. turn on phone

Fix 3: root access

if you have root access -> using root browser application delete the folder for path for which is /data/data/

Fix 4: download from other location
You can try another way to download apps without phone play store app:

1- open Google play on your computer
2- login using your Google account
3- search from application which app u want

Hope this helps you to fix the issue.
Fix for has stopped solution

process download

what is used for has stopped means delete keeps stopping



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