iOS 12: iPhone 7 Plus Microphone Not Working and speaker grayed out


Many iPhone 7 Plus users are facing issue with iOS 12/12.0.1 that after the upgrade the iphone 7 microphone not working during calls. iOS 12.0.1 microphone issue is surely a big trouble for many iPhone users who are facing this issue as they are facing problem during call. Due to this issue iPhone user cannot hear anyone when they call, cannot use Siri and even cannot use talk to text and getting error "No audio device found". In some cases some iPhone 7 users are alsoreporting iPhone 7 speaker grayed out from call screen.

iOS 12.0.1 microphone not working iphone 7

While on call the other person can’t hear me and also I am not able to hear anything on call. Even if you open siri and try to say something siri won’t respond and stays as nothing is told. So test the microphone when tried to record a video with sound and later checked the video did not have any sound in it. But only records sound if connected to headset with mic. Looks like iPhone can’t hear me after the update.  It seems like the microphone is not working ager iOS 12.0.1.

This was never the case with earlier version of iOS 11 and iOS 12 but many iPhone 7 plus microphone stopped working after iOS 12.1. Even when go to test the mic in voice memos, it says “no audio device found” message pop-up this is really irritating.

Initial Symptoms microphone failure in iPhone 7:

Initial symptoms of the issue could be like failing to use voice memo giving error like “no audio device found” and when the problem expands the issue will start to occur during call the microphone will not work.  With the time speaker on call screen of iPhone 7 will also start to grayed out.  

Temporary fix for iPhone 7 microphone not working after iOS 12 update -""No audio device found""

Workaround 1: Reset network settings

Resetting the network may help to fix the issue for a while but it is expected to appear back after some time of use. To Reset your Network Settings-> Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Workaround 2: Use Bluetooth headset or headphone

In case it is important to use iPhone for making calls and you are not able to use it due to iPhone 7 microphone issue, as a workaround you can use Bluetooth headset or headphone to make calls. In this case you will be using mic of external device.

Why iPhone 7 plus microphone stopped working all of sudden:

In both  iPhone 7 and 7 plus the microphone issue is caused due to failure of a chip on the iPhone 7 logic board, this chip is called the Audio IC Chip. You can read more here about audio chip. The fix is to get the Audio chip solder again and may cost around 50-100$. The reason why your iPhone 7 audio chip could be damaged can be :
iPhone 7 audio chip: pic

-accidental damage to iPhone due to drop
-overheating of iPhone 7 can cause chip to loosen up
-while making a repair of iPhone 7
Here is a video from YouTube about audio chip repair in iPhone 7:

Solution for iPhone 7 microphone not working : best solution to fix iPhone 7 microphone issue is to visit genuine Apple support center and get your phone checked. You may also ask for a replacement of applicable on your iPhone.

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