iPhone 6s Battery drain after Screen Replacement


The iPhone 6 and 6s users after getting screen replacement are facing issue with battery life performance in their iPhone. iPhone 6s Battery Drains very fast after Screen Replacement. It drains in about 4 hours. The screen is replaced generally after cracks on the screen or complete damage like broken. While testing iPhone 6 after screen replacement, there are some rapid battery drain and in some cases full shutdowns.

The screen of the iPhone 6 works fine after screen replacement but the iPhone 6 battery is draining quick after screen replacement. The new screen however works fine and all function like touch are working normal on the screen. Apart from battery drain the iPhone 6 battery drain after replacement there is another issue reported which is: iphone 6 hot after screen replacement.

Why iPhone 6 battery drain after screen replacement:

Mostly this issue happens after replacing a duplicate lcd screen, because a fake lcd screen will always takes a lot of power jus to control screen adjustment like backlight, slide motions and touch because it’s not measured professionally like the original one which came with the iPhone. The only option is to replace with original screen.
Also it is quite possible that the maintenance process wrong operation led to abnormal screen display. Following can be possible reason for battery issue after screen replacement.
1: the battery is faulty and  have energy shortage
 2: motherboard leakage.
3: the latest iOS (iOs 11-ios12) power consumption anomaly.

Fix for iPhone 6 battery quick drain after screen replacement:

After the screen replacement make sure to charge the iPhone to full battery and after that let it drain down to 0% (dead). And then leave it for about 10 mins. This should fix poor battery life of iPhone 6 after replacement. Now Charge it up again to full battery and then see how the charge holds.
If this does not help best option is to take your phone to the Apple Store for further diagnostics.



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