iPhone 6s/7 NEWS widget missing on iOS 11/ iOS 12


iPhone X/6/7/8 users after upgrading the iPhone are facing issue with the iphone that NEWS widget has disappeared from iPhone. The issue is faced across the globe by different iPhone users from New Zealand, Canada, Ireland etc. Many iphone users became found of using the News Widget (not the News App) ever since it became available on iPhone/iOS.

iOS 12 news widget missing from iphone

Due to NEWS widget missing or removed from widget section the user have no longer access to the news of Apple. Restarting and restoring the iPhone as new does not fix the issue. The NEWS widget disappeared all of a sudden from the iPhone without any known cause. The issue is primarily faced by iPhone users who are not from USA.

How to fix iPhone NEWS widget not working/missing on iPhone XS/XR/7: iOS 12

Fix 1: Change country to US

1. Turn off app unloading (Settings —>iTunes & AppStore—>Offload Unused Apps—> turn this off).
2. Change region/language to US
(Settings->general—>language &region—>change both to United States)
3. Phone will take a minute to change this setting and then the News app should be visible with all your other apps. Click it to download it and then make sure the widget is there. You will see US headlines (CNN, Fox, etc).

4. Change region/language settings back to whatever you want

Fix 2: Search “News”

Another solution is to slide it over to the left. And you will see a search option. Search for “news” you will see in top hit. A red icon called news, click it and it will say it’s not installed and will download in the background



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