How to fix iPhone 8/XS/XR mic not working/muffled voice during call


iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus iPhones are also suffer with poor mic issue as the people they are talking with on call are telling that they cannot hear voice properly during calls. Other side callers claim they here windy noise and voice drops out. Same issue was reported with iPhone 7 and it was later found to be a hardware issue in the phone for many cases. The call quality is very poor from iPhone 8 plus speaker and even just to make sure that nothing is blocking the mic,  mic problem occurs with and without phone case even when removed the glass protector.

iphone 8 poor mic issue

The  voice  from iPhone 8 speaker is muffled, not clear, low volume, and the sound quality is intermittent, sometimes ok, but not great, then at other times it is bad. However if you use the speaker iPhone 8 plus your voice will be heard properly by other user.

To make sure that the issue is with mic of the iPhone not the carrier provider you can test the microphone using recording a voice memo or a video from camera
-Tap Voice Memos app then tap the Record icon to start recording test audio.
-Speak something to the microphone clearly and loud.
-Finished recording, tap the Play icon to play back your recording.
- Check the voice quality is playback. If the voice quality is poor than your iPhone 8 mic is defective.

How to fix iPhone 8 poor mic issue
1.    Restore the iPhone
2.   Reset the network settings
3.   Install latest iOS update
4.   check for hardware failure
5.   Use Bluetooth headset as workaround
Fix 1: Restore the iPhone
-Turning On voLTE, Turn Off volTE and check again if issue persists.

-Using Earbuds to clean the ports (which works ok especially if the phone is put flat),
-Replace SIM card with different carrier and check again if issue persists.
-Restore Phone from iTunes, please Note that restore method will result to data loss so it’s up for you to proceed or not.  Make sure to back up all your important data and personal information for safekeeping.,

Fix 2 : Reset the network settings
Open General settings on the iphone 8 and reset the network. This may fix the issue for a while but the issue may appear again.

Fix 3: Install latest iOS update
Quite possible that Apple is already aware of the problem in iPhone 8 mic and working on a fix. If it’s a  software issue, the official fix will be rolled out by Apple in upcoming iOS 12 release.
To check for available updates, navigate to Settings-> General-> Software Update.

Fix 3: check for hardware failure

When the iPhone 8 was taken to network provider like Verizon it was found that it was the hardware not software that was the problem. Some iPhone 8 and 8 plus have defects in the mic/audio. In this case you should approach to Apple for replacement.

Workaround: Use Bluetooth headset

If you can’t manage to fix the issue and use the iPhone 8 temporarily as such you may start using a Bluetooth headset with a microphone which would most likely solve the issue.



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