How to fix iPhone hangs or freezes after a missed call


iPhone 4s/5s/6s/7 plus  user are facing iPhone getting frozen or hanged when receives a missed call. When the phone is locked and receives a missed call the iPhone will freezes. The iPhone users is not able to press any button or notification on the screen. The iPhone just sits backs frozen up infinitely.

To fix the iPhone hangs or freezes for incoming

Fix 1: Update Carrier settings
In most of the cases when iPhone freezes for an incoming calls/missing calls it may be due to carrier setting that has created this issue.
Please follow below steps to solve the problem:
1.      Go to Settings
2.     Go to Phone section
3.     Scroll down to SIM Applications

4.     Depending on the menu offered by the carrier, find a service like "Options", "Services", etc.
5.     Click on the appropriate action like "Mobiles Services" (in my case for Morocco/Inwi "Services Mobiles")

6.     A black popup (like the one we want to remove) should appear with aditionnal actions
7.     Click on the appropriate action like "Discreet/Silent response" (in my case for Morocco/Inwi "Réponse Discrète")

8.     Another black popup appears with sub actions
9.     Click on the appropriate action like "Disable" (in my case for Morocco/Inwi "Désactivé")
10.  The problem should be fixed now. You will never see the popup again.

Fix 2: -  Use Siri to unlock the phone

Hold pressing home button to ask Siri something like "Calendar", then Siri displays my meetings and click on one of them so Siri asks for unlocking password. Once the password entered, the popup disappears and I'm redirected to the lock screen so I can unlock it.

Fix 3: Reboot the iPhone

Restart the iphone (hold press the wake button then confirmed shutting down the device). This will fix the issue only once.

Fix 4: Use Other SIM cards or carriers.
The problem of SIM cards or carriers could be due to specific carrier provider as shown in Fix 1. Therefore please check with changing SIM card of different carrier to see if the issue still persist with the iPhone

Fix 5: Ask for carrier update

It is possible that you network carrier provider like Verizon, AT&T have rolled out a fix for the issue but you iPhone/SIM have not received that yet. So please call the support and check for any pending updates for carrier settings.



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