iPhone X unable to join WPA2 WIFI Enterprise network on iOS 12


iPhone X and iPhone 8 users are finding it difficult to connect  to WIFI network with iOS 12. Ever since upgraded to some iOS12 devices couldn't join any WPA2 Enterprise network. The iPhone is not able to connect to the WIFI with WPA2 enterprise and when tried to make a connection with network it fails with a error message “It is not possible to connect xxxxx”. And the connection fails at that moment to establish.

Many iPhone X/8 users are reporting that the WIFI connection fail is happening after iOS 12 upgrade and all iPhone X/8 won’t connect to WPA2 WIFI network. But the issue cannot relate to iOS 12 as the other iPhones like iPhone 6/7 connects find to same WIFI network with WPA 2 settings. This is very strange that with same WIFI network iPhone 6/iOS 12, iPad Air 2 with iOS 12 connects but iPhone X/iOS 12 fails to connect to WIFI (WPA2) and says it is not possible to connect to WIFI network. On iPhone 6, iPad when joined the network on the first attempt, the certificate popped out during the login, after accepting it WIFI worked. On iPhone X,  8 Plus, the certificate popup doesn't show.

Even after doing a lots of restart, hard reset, clean iOS 12 install, network reset iPhone X is unable to join corporate WPA2 Enterprise network after iOS 12 upgrade.

How to fix iPhone X unable to connect to WPA2 WIFI network:

After contacting Apple about the issue the Apple support seems to be aware of the issue and they suggested telling the client to change/update the certificates. Please Contact IT of your company to get certificate updated.
The certificate has to be At minimum an RSA 2048 bit key with a SHA-256 signature. Oldest certificates like MD5, Apple will no more work with them because they are not secure.



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